Fitness Mobile Programs

Why BFP?

OUR SERVICES                                 

- Online Check-ins

- Structured Workout Plan

- Nutrition Behavior Coaching

- Constant Education

- Custom App

- Behavior Changes (sleep, steps, habits)

- Freedom to Change and Adapt Plan

- FaceTime and Zoom Workout Options

- Can be at home, in gym, or both

- 2 trainers with degrees and certifications


- Online Check-ins

- Structured Workout Plan

- Structured Diet Plan and Schedule

- Structured Supplementation

- Email Support

- Trainer with maybe just a degree or maybe just a certification

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For us, we want our clients to not only be able to get the results that they are looking for, but to also have the knowledge to help others and be able to continue on even after we part ways! Healthy living is more than just a set plan because life is not a set plan. Life allows change and growth, just as how your workouts and nutrition should be! Family, work, life, and school can all play a factor in what goes on, so our goal is to educate you on how to adapt when those situations arise. Set plans work as a base, allows for a fall back, but changes will always occur so we allow for you to be educated about your body along the way just like us so you know what you need to do in the future!  Take time now to learn more about your body and how to keep it healthy, as it will thank you in the future!